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Hi! We’re Mr and Mrs Cheapskate

I used to think living it up at the beach, brand new car, big house and living care free were the signs of success. I’d also been taught from a young age that it was good to save your money. This didn’t make much sense. I had spent my life saving as much as I could, buying the value stuff at the supermarket and living in Primark clothes. But I still wasn’t ‘rich’. Not only that, but almost everyone I knew were posting pictures of their new cars on Facebook, or posing with cocktails in the Seychelles. So what was I doing wrong? Turns out, I was missing a few pieces of the puzzle.

The first thing was – These people weren’t rich. They certainly lived like they were, but the lady in the image at the beach, is actually statistically more likely to be broke, in debt and will be working a dead end job for the rest of her life. Welcome to the middle class, where if you cant afford the things you want, you can borrow it! All for the low low price of working for the rest of your life in a job you hate to pay it off until you die.

But hang on, if I wasn’t borrowing my way to the middle, why wasn’t I rich? You don’t get rich giving it away, but you don’t get rich saving it either. The second missing piece of the puzzle is what you do with your spare cash. We were on a plane to Italy on our honeymoon when I bought an audio book called Rich Dad Poor Dad (buy it and read it now) that would change the way I thought about making money. Suddenly the saying clicked. You don’t get rich giving it away, but you do get rich investing it.

So I started cheapskateinvesting.com, a website dedicated to documenting my journey to financial freedom and to share with you all of the best tips and tricks I find along the way. I believe that there is a real way to financial freedom; saving more, earning more and investing the difference. I also think that it shouldn’t cost you the earth to do it! Historically, investing was reserved for the wealthy elite, for people who could afford for someone to manage it for them. But with the introduction of fee free trading platforms (such as Trading 212), building an investment portfolio is more accessible than ever and were here to help you find the best way to do it.

So join us on this financial journey and get off that hamster wheel today.

Mr Cheapskate

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